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Work with us to find buyers for your small to mid-market M&A deals. Save time while unlocking new revenue and boosting your close rate.

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Thank you both for your professionalism and support on the transaction. Looking forward to finding more ways to work together, you both made a real difference to the process - your support encouraged me to push through and get things happening on the platform which ultimately led to the sale.
Tom Ellis
Pebble Ventures
Managing Director
2k+ Closed deals Closed deals
$500M+ Deal volume Deal volume
500k+ SaaS buyers SaaS buyers
Earn more with flexible partnership options Tell us what help you need and we'll tailor the partnership to your goals.
  • Hand off the hard stuff

    You manage the client and we find you buyers for a small fee. Your client need never see us.
  • Split the workload

    Co-manage the transaction and split the fee. We’ll join your team to get the deal done.
  • Delegate the deal

    Send us your client and we’ll help them sell, paying you a referral fee for the pleasure.
Become a partner
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Everything you need to close under one roof Unlock an expansive buyer network and expert services that make acquisitions easy.
  • Huge buyer pool

    Access 500k+ SaaS buyers with verified funds searching for mid-market deals.
  • Unrivaled exposure

    We help craft and market the perfect listing via targeted newsletters, social media, and instant alerts.
  • Free escrow

    Guarantee a safe, secure exit for even the most complex deals.
    • Acquisition financing

      Pre-qualify your client’s startup for financing, expanding their buyer pool.
    • Legal support

      Balanced legal document builders and expert guidance make legal a breeze.

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    • What size M&A deals can I send to you?

      Any profitable SaaS with at least $100k in TTM revenue. The bigger the deal, the more efficiency savings you’ll make with our buyer network, M&A team, and expert tooling.

    • Can you handle multimillion-dollar M&A transactions?

      Yes, we regularly help founders get acquired in seven- and eight-figure deals.

    • What fee do you charge?

      You can negotiate a fee with us that ensures you stay competitive while recognizing the additional value we provide. Book a chat using the form above to learn more.

    • How do you help my deals close?

      Depending on your needs, we can do everything from managing the deal to connecting you with over 500k high-quality SaaS acquirers. You decide how much help you need, how much interaction we have with your client, if any, and which tools to use.
      For example, you can access our buyer pool, marketing channels, business listing scorecards, legal guidance, escrow, financing, M&A advisory, and lots more. It’s all available to you and built for SaaS acquisitions, making it easy to close deals.

    • Is this a partnership or referral program?

      That’s up to you and what you need from us. If you’re simply looking to capitalize on smaller deals that you don’t have time or resources for, you can send them to us in return for a fee. Or, we can partner with you, silently or otherwise, to help you close more deals under a customized partnership agreement. Speak to us to learn more.