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    Using tens of data points across 1,000s of closed acquisitions, updated biannually, your valuation estimate reflects real market demand.
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    The calculator uses SaaS acquisition data only, ensuring you get an estimate unaffected by exits outside of your industry.
  • Lightning fast

    Get your free valuation in minutes by entering 100% anonymized data, instantly transferable to a full listing for that life-changing exit.
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  • What SaaS valuation methodology does the calculator use?

    The SaaS valuation calculator uses the multiple valuation methodology, favored by financial buyers including private equity and investors, for evaluating and comparing SaaS companies.

  • How accurate is the SaaS valuation calculator?

    The valuation calculator estimates a range of valuations based on market trends on but can’t match the accuracy of a professional appraisal. Many factors influence your valuation, too many to include in the calculator without drowning you in questions, so think of your valuation range as a guide only. Some startups will sell for higher than your valuation range and some lower.

  • Why does the valuation calculator give a valuation range?

    Every acquisition is different, so to adapt the valuation to the specifics of your SaaS business, we give a range that allows you to work towards a realistic asking price that achieves your goals.

  • What market data does the valuation calculator use?

    We’ve compiled acquisition data from 1,000s of closed acquisitions on to give you a market-driven estimate based on the details you enter. Updated every six months, our data continually reflects market trends to help you determine a realistic asking price for your SaaS company.

  • How long does it take to get my valuation?

    It takes a minute or two to answer some basic questions about your business, but the calculation itself is instant. Your valuation estimate is always free.

  • Why do I need to give you my contact information?

    We ask for your contact information so you can instantly transfer your valuation calculation (and the data you entered to produce it) to a SaaS business listing. You don’t have to submit a listing, but if you’re curious about selling, it’ll save you time when you’re ready to meet potential buyers.

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