, a Delaware corporation and its subsidiaries (“we” or “us”) requires our users to uphold certain standards of behavior and conduct themselves in an acceptable manner while using our platform. This means that when you use our platform, you agree to conduct yourself in accordance with the following values:

1. Confidentiality. All users on the platform must maintain confidentiality of all non-public information shared in the marketplace. This includes discussions regarding an acquisition, and the fact that a seller or buyer is seeking an acquisition in the first place.

2. Professionalism. All users must maintain the highest level of professionalism in their dealings on the platform. This means respecting other users’ time and attention, and committing to amicably resolve any misunderstandings that occur on the platform.

3. Honesty, transparency, and responsiveness. All users must act in an honest, transparent, and responsive manner. If you are serious about an acquisition, let the other party know. If you are not, let them know as soon as you can. Do not leave the other party waiting on you. Take your commitments seriously. Do not mislead other parties on the platform and do not waste their time. Respond promptly to all communications on the platform.

4. No spamming or solicitation. The platform is an M&A platform, not a job or advertising board. Please do not use the platform to advertise your company’s services or attempt to gain customers or clients through the platform.

5. Autonomy and ownership. All acquisitions are ultimately your responsibility. Take ownership of every step of the acquisition and commit to being thorough and autonomous, and to exercising due care, diligence, and attention.

6. Commitments. You have the ability to sign binding, legal documents on the platform. If you are not fully committed to their terms, do not sign them. If you sign them, you are legally bound to their terms. Do not sign legal documents on the platform and then disappear.

7. Offers. Only send offers to purchase a startup that you are fully committed to seeing through. Letters of Intent (LOIs), although mostly non-binding, represent a good-faith commitment to close a deal. Do not sign and send an LOI unless you are in good-faith committed to the lifecycle of a potential transaction and to closing that transaction.

8. Compliance with laws, rules and regulations. You are expected to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations while using the platform.